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The period 1949-present

The forest research from Bucovina know a new developpment after 1949, by the founding of the Experiment Station for Spruce Silviculture from Campulung Moldovenesc and of the Institute (Faculty) of Forestry, the researches being carried in a closely collaboration between the institutions mentioned above. Unfortunately, the activity of the Institute was interrupted and the activity of the Station was reduced at the level of Experiment Point.

The year 1967 represent the beginning of a new period in the evolution of the forestry from Bucovina, by re-establish of the
Experiment Station for Spruce Silviculture, by the appointment of dr. Radu Ichim as head of the Station, by the extension of the experimental teritory (inclusive with a new building), by the attracting of new forestry graduates. In this way was possibil to pass from an activity of inventory and primary processing of data, specifically for the Experiment Point, at the level of research with programs in responsibility, in the period 1949-1999 being performed 241 of research programs.

The name of
Experiment Station for Spruce Silviculture Campulung Moldovenesc was used in the official documents from 1970, after the office was moved to Campulung Moldovenesc.

In the period 1968-1986 it can say that was formed here "the school of forestry" from Campulung Moldovenesc, under the competent and exacting guidance of dr. Radu Ichim, affirmation sustained by the quality of research projects and the number of the six doctoral thesis elaborated here.

Also, in this period was begin the international collaboration with institutes and organisations from foreign countries: IUFRO, University of Freiburg, University of Nancy.