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Forest reserves from Bucovina   Codrul Secular Slatioara Forest Reserve

Codrul Secular Slatioara Forest Reserve is situated in the basin of the Moldova river, affluent of Siret river. Constituted in 1934, the strict forest reserve is included in the national network of the proteted area.

From the administrative point of vue, forest reserve is located on the territory of Stulpicani, commune, Suceava departement, and the forests are included in the management plan of the Forest District Stulpicani. Forest reserve include parcels 31-37 and 40-43 from Working Unit VIII Slatioara, with a total surface of 1064,2 ha.

Location of the forest reserve

Geografics coordonates: 4727' latitude N and 2538' longitude E. Altitude - between 790 and 1353 m. Forest reserve is located in the region of middle mountains, with a relief where predominate slopes and plateaus.

Present ecosystem formations are mixt coniferous with beech, Noerway spruce with Silver fir and pure Norway spruce forests.

Lithological substratum is constituted by crystalline shale and at the edge from limestones on peak Todirescu. On these substratums was formed brown mesobasic, brown acide and podzols.

Climate is temperate, cold and relative wet, with mean annual temperatures from 5,8 and 3,9 C and mean annual precipitations of 700-810 mm. The climatic regime is presented in the following figure.

Walter-Lieth climatic diagram, Rarau Meteo Station (1500 m alt.)

The virgin beech, Silver fir and Norway spruce stands from Forest Reserve Slatioara are characterised by a complex structure; having favourable conditions for the three princippal species, the natural regeneration is very active and is in relation with the thinning process. In the ageing phase was registreded exceptional biometric performances: over 70 s.m./ha basal area and over 950 c.m./ha standing wood. In this forest can be founded trees with a age of 300 years, having a height over 45 m and a diameter over 1 m.