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Forest reserves from Bucovina   Codrul Secular Giumalau Forest Reserve

Codrul Secular Giumalău Forest Reserve is situated in the Giumalau Mountains, in the basin of the brook Valea Putnei, affluent of Moldova river. Constituted in 1941, the strict forest reserve is included in the national network of the proteted area.

From the administrative point of vue, forest reserve is located on the territory of Pojorata commune, Suceava departement, and the forests are included in the management plan of the Forest District Pojorata. Forest reserve include parcels 119-123 from Working Unit III Valea Putnei, with a total surface of 309,5 ha.

Location of the forest reserve

Geografics coordonates: 47°26' latitude N and 25°29' longitude E. Altitude - between 1200 and 1650 m.

Located in the region of middle mountains, with a relief where predominates Northern and Western slopes, with steeps of 20-40°, this include one ecosystem formations, of Norway spruce forests from the boreal level.

Lithological substratum is constituted by crystalline shale and limestones.

The climatic regime is presented in the following figure.

Walter-Lieth climatic diagram, Rarau Meteo Station (1500 m alt.)

From lignous species, can be mentioned: Picea abies, and rarely Sorbus aucuparia, Acer pseudoplatanus, Alnus incana and Betula pendula.